• ANNOUNCEMENT: The videos have been deleted, the scandals are still there

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    On 23rd October 2012, the magazine ‘cafèambllet’ was sentenced for ‘damaging the honour’ of Josep Maria Via, an advisor to the Catalan president, Artur Mas. The ruling forced us to withdraw our video ‘The biggest robbery in the history of Catalonia’ in which we brought to light a number of scandals in the public health service. A fine of €10,000 was also imposed in the ruling. At the will of the claimant, this money from the payment of this fine will

    end up in the hands of the managers of the hospitals of Blanes and Ca

    lella, where we uncovered the disappearance of €2.4 million at the hands of these managers.

    We at the magazine ‘cafèambllet’ have filed an appeal against this sentence. Although the final sentence has not yet been passed, Mr. Via has requested the withdrawal of the video and the Judge of the 37th Court of Barcelona has granted this request. As 

    a result, as of today, 28th February 2103, the video ‘The biggest robbery in the history of Catalonia’ has been withdrawn.

    We apologise to our readers and remind them that not a single fact that we brought to light in this video was incorrect or inaccurate. The claim and the sentence refer only to ‘damaging honour’. Every single piece of information that appears in the video has been corroborated. Today, three of the people that we mentioned in relation to the scandals have been charged, two of which are in custody and the third under investigation by the State prosecutor.

    Please accept our apologies. We withdraw the video completely against our own will. We firmly believe that the withdrawal of the video is not only an attack on our freedom of expression but on the freedom of information of the citizens of our country. We hope soon to be able to reclaim these freedoms in Catalonia and Spain.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Marta Sibina i Camps (@martasibina)

    Albano Dante Fachin (@_cafeambllet)

    Noupaper Editors S.L.


    Per contactar-me: noupaper@gmail.com Per seguir-me a Twitter: @_cafeambllet A Facebook: cafeambllet


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